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Mr PE Sports Education was founded with the sole objective of giving every young person access to a high-quality PE sports education.

Our principles of motivate, respect, passion & excite is at the very heart of what we do and  core to our success and growth.


We recognise every child is unique and make it our aim to make them feel valued through an ongoing commitment to provide life lasting sports  opportunities regardless of age, gender, ability or race.  


What we do goes beyond coaching. It is a lifelong passion for engaging young people to fully experience, embrace and enjoy PE and sport in a fun, safe environment.


Core Values & Ethos

  • Build open & honest relationships with effective communication

  • Use PE as a positive tool to give young people the opportunity grow & develop

  • Always being passionate & striving to be better

  • Putting young people first, encouraging their progress through a healthy, active & fun lifestyle

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